Discount code for 50% off during RAMADAN 2018 and more


Subscription Offer for Ramadan 2018.

Dear All,

We are glad to offer a discount of 50% for all our new and existing members. Please note that this offer will not be applicable on your existing subscription package. Also note, this is a one time use only between 15th May to 14th June 2018. Please follow the below link to avail the offer. 

Would you want to know how to make the best use of Ramadan?

Then make sure to Download our FREE Ramadan Guide from this  link:

"O ye who believe! Spend out of (the bounties) We have provided for you " (Al-Baqarah 2:254)

This Ramadan we also encourage you to donate for the children and the needy in Syria by clicking on this link here:

Jazakumullahu Khair



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