Online Matrimonial Meet

1. When is the Online Matrimonial Meet ?
Ans : The Date and Time ill be emailed to you so kindly check your inbox. Duration of the Meet is 2 HOURS only .

2. Where is the Online Matrimonial Meet conducted?
Ans : The meet is conducted online on

3. Who can attend the Online Matrimonial Meet?
Ans: All Subscribed ( Paid ) users can attend the Meet . It is conducted on a country basis so if you are from some other country and wish to attend the meet then you are still most welcome but please keep in mind that you will not be able to use the instant chat facility.

4. How do I become a subscribed user ?
Ans : Login to your account and goto your upgrade page and buy a subscription package that suits you .

5. Are there any special costs to attend the meet ?
Ans : No, it is a free special product for all our subscribed users .

6. What can we do during the online matrimonial meet ?
Ans : You will be allowed to communicate with several other members attending the meet via our instant chat facility to fasten up the communication process . For more info follow and read the emails that you will receive prior to the meet date . 

7. Is the Instant chat facility available to all users ?
Ans : The Instant chat facility is available only to those users who are attending the meet during the Event hours .

8. Is the Instant chat facility Shariah compliant ?
Ans : Yes Insha,Allah . Our team of moderators will constantly be moderating all conversations to ensure your safety . We also send guidelines for the using this feature and request all Sisters to involve their wali in the communication process .

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