How do we ensure the safety of our members, particularly sisters?

By monitoring the conversations we can build up a picture of our users. If we come across any inappropriate behaviour (which is quite easy to spot on a site where 2 there are predominantly practising single Muslims, non-practising Muslims tend to stand out more in their language and behaviour), we will take action to suspend the member. We also don't invite our members to take unnecessary risks. We do not advise you to meet someone alone. We advise in involving the families, and doing everything in an appropriate Islamic manner. Sisters have the option to add their Wali into their communications and in accordance to the sunnah of the Prophet SAW who said that in order to have a valid marriage, it is essential to have your wali's permission. Alhamdulillah, Pure Matrimony is the first ever matrimonial service to introduce this concept to help safeguard sisters.

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