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Pure Matrimony is strongly committed to protect your privacy. This statement discloses the information gathering process and the privacy and dissemination practices for this website. has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protect your personal privacy. may contain links to other websites and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.

We have adopted the following practices in order to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information to the best of our ability.

1. Automatic information gathering from members

Automatic Information is data that we collect that does not disclose any personal information about you. This includes your IP address, ISP details, browser type, and browser settings. We use your IP address (the numeric code that identifies your individual internet connected PC) to avoid fraudulent registrations and to help us maintain our site and identify problems with our server. Your IP address does not disclose any personally revealing information about you. We collect the ISP details via your IP address to help you find the suitable match in your area, information that we may obtain regarding your browser and browser settings is to ensure that our site's technical features are available to you. The specific information we collect is not rented, sold, or shared with any third party without your explicit consent and is only ever disclosed in situations where required by law. We use cookies to identify traffic that comes through advertising and to improve user experience. Cookies are small pieces of information that a website places on your PC's hard drive to enable the website to recognize you and to save you the trouble of re-entering some basic information when you revisit. The use of cookies is a very common practice on the Internet. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can disable all cookies through your browser settings. Your ability to use our site will not be affected if you have set your browser to reject cookies.

2. Information requested from members

When you register to use Services, you will be asked for some general identifying information which will enable us to provide you with this customised service. We gather contact information (like your email address) and demographic information (like your city of residence, gender or age). We do not share, rent or sell this information to any third party. If you choose to become a Premium Member, we collect financial information (like your credit card number, billing address, phone number and expiry date). We will only use this information in the course of providing our Services to you, and will not under any circumstances share such information with outside parties.

3. Public and Private information

Private information is information that can personally identify you such as your real name, email address or credit card number. When you register to use service, you will be asked for some general identifying information to enable us to provide you with this customized service. We gather contact information (such as your email address) and, if you choose to sign up for a Full Membership or to purchase credits, financial information (such as your credit card number and expiry date). Financial information is gathered and processed through our own secure server not from any third party billing site, and encrypted via a secure server to ensure that others cannot read it. The secure site has a bold Icon about confirming the security of the site. You can click on the Icon to confirm the site security. We will only use your financial information in the course of providing our Services to you. The specific financial information we collect is not rented, sold, or shared with any third party, except to the financial institution that processes your transaction or where required by law. Public information will be available for registered members to view. This includes your demographic information such as gender, age, appearance, religion, occupation, and geographical location. You are required to read the Terms & Conditions in order to understand your rights, privileges and obligations whilst using the Pure Matrimony website as a free or paying member.

4. Use of and access to member information

By signing up for this service, you specifically agree to receive communications from us, or through us, to the email address that you provide, including but not limited to: notifications of emails and instant messages you receive from other members on the site, relevant photos and profiles, updates regarding our service, special promotions and offers, and notices of changes to the site. Our site provides you with the opportunity to opt-out of receiving some types of communications from us by changing the settings on the page entitled "Email Preferences." If you do not opt-out of receiving such notices, they will be sent to you automatically, at our discretion. Your general demographic information is used to personalize your experience on the site; to compose your personal profile, which is associated with an identity you have created; to allow other members to find you through a search; we do not send any advertisement from third party via email to any member. You are required to read the Terms & Conditions in order to understand your rights, privileges and obligations whilst using the Pure Matrimony website as a free or paying member.

5. Managing or removing your personal information

We keep the information you have given us for as long as you are a member on the site. You can always verify or request the removal of the personally identifiable information we have collected and change your registration information by visiting the appropriate subsection of "Edit Profile" To make changes to your profile, suspend your account, or remove your account completely, you may do so at any time by hiding the profile from "Profile options" page. Once the profile is hidden, you will no longer receive any electronic communication from the site (email or SMS), and no members can view your profile information.

6. Monitoring and moderating online activity

Our members communicate with each other through onsite mail. In order to ensure that Islamic Principles of modesty are maintained we reserve the right to monitor these messages to see if any of our site terms have been broken. Member submissions that appear on the public area of the site are moderated and, if necessary, we reserve the right to edit, delete, remove or not use any communication on a public area of the site.

7. Sharing your public information on third party platforms

We will never share your private information that can identify you personally with our third party partners.  Nevertheless, your public profile information which is viewable to all members on our website maybe occassionally shared on third party platforms by us.  Please note we will never share any private information about you that can personally identify you.

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