How Do We Keep It Pure?

Unlike many other Matrimonial websites we pride ourselves on the unique features we have introduced to keep this website in accordance with our Islamic beliefs. Given that our whole concept is based upon a Quranic ayah in which Allah states "women of Purity are for men of Purity and men of Purity are for women of Purity" (Quran 24:26), it is only natural that you would have expected us to cover all aspects in consultation with authorised Islamic bodies.  Well, it can be safely said that your expectations have been met.

 Before we move onto listing some of the features we have introduced, we would like to remind you that this website's aim is to help and facilitate God conscious Muslims in finding someone who is similar and compatible with them.  Our aim is not to reach out to the mass market of everyday Muslims many of whom are not practising. There are plenty of websites out there who cater for them.

 Unfortunately, the majority of so called ‘Muslim Match Making’ websites out there focus on making financial gains and therefore they do not go all the way in ensuring that everything on the website is in accordance with our Islamic ethics.  The reason for this is because their target audience is the wider audience of Muslims, and henceforth, they do not want to reduce their profits and deter people from joining due to certain Islamic restrictions. On the other hand, our first objective is to introduce an online matrimonial model which is in accordance with the Shariah, therefore, we have been working with the well respected Mashayikh from AlKauthar Institute right from the beginning. 

 Pure Matrimony does not intend on being a mass market tool, but rather we are only aiming to attract those practising Muslims who will understand and appreciate the wisdom behind the introduction of certain measures on this website.  Those of you who do not understand or appreciate these measures, well with all due respect we have no hesitation in telling you that maybe this website isn't really for you.

 So what do we do to keep it Pure?

  •  We strongly encourage Single Muslimahs to enter Wali details upon registration. However, unlike other websites that may ask for the Wali details as a formality, our website goes one step further and allows the female the ability to allow her Wali to have knowledge of any messages that are being exchanged by her on the website in real time!  We strongly encourage females to have a Wali involved right from the beginning.  This way the wali/mahram for the female is always informed in real time of any messages being exchanged and can be involved in offering help, advice and protection to the one whom they are a Wali to.  This safeguards members from engaging in conversations in privacy as the Wali is always aware and involved in their correspondence.
  •  You decide who sees your private picture.  Allah orders in Quran for the believing men and women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty, but at the same time the Prophet (pbuh) encouraged the one seeking to marry someone to see what they look like before the marriage.  After close consultation with Mashayikh from the AlKauthar Institute, we decided we will not allow any private profile images to be visible to even paid members. If somebody wishes to view your image then only if you wish you can reveal your image to a genuinely interested candidate after they request to view your image. This will ensure a system whereby your privacy and modesty are maintained and only your potential matches can view your private profile image and you are always in control.  We do not see this as a limitation but rather a way of protecting your modesty when searching for a marriage partner.  Furthermore, we see this as an added layer of filtering which will deter time-wasters (who want to browse through pretty pictures) from joining. We are the only and first Muslim Matrimonial website that has made this the default option.  You can choose from a list of avatars; one that best reflects your personality and this is what will be visible to other members.
  •  Members have the ability to report profiles and messages to us. If we feel inappropriate or un-Islamic conduct has taken place we will take the necessary actions to prevent this from happening any further, which may include a warning or termination of membership.  This website is here to help you find a marriage partner and not for you to have a fun time.  We will not in any way tolerate the encouragement of anything which will lead towards haram in any form.  In case you haven’t figured it out, let us remind you again, we are not a dating site so be warned!  In light of this site Administrators have been appointed to screen your conversations.
  •  We only allow members who go through the registration process to fully view and contact other profiles.  This enables us to ensure that only members genuinely interested in marriage get to view and contact you.
  •  We do not include a live chat room feature to avoid unnecessary chatting between opposite genders on this website; however, we do allow you to identify which members are online at the same time as you and allow you to message their inbox anonymously in order to find out more about them.  
  •  Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whenever a non-mahram man and woman meet in seclusion, Shaytaan definitely is the third one joining them.” [Tirmidhi].  In light of this hadith and to keep Shaytaan away we ensure that all messages are getting screened by a third person i.e. by a site Administrator.  

Unlike many other ‘Islamic’ websites which are just for ‘anybody’ and are usually created by non-Muslims, Pure Matrimony has been specially designed by and for practising Muslims. Our site is unique in that it is not
based upon cultural values that encourage non-islamic activities and beliefs; therefore making us the choice for practising Muslims.

To experience all the benefits and features that you will only find at Pure Matrimony, subscribe to us and start searching for your pure match today.
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