What Makes Your Site Unique ?

Pure Matrimony is completely Shariah compliant, offering single Muslims the ability to search for their spouse in a safe, secure and halal manner. We have a wide range of unique features that help facilitate this process, from monitoring conversations and ensuring the high levels of etiquette are maintained, to preserving the modesty of our members by keeping their personal pictures secure so members can decide who they want to share their details with.

We also Provide the Muslim community with relevant support channels to continue to cultivate a strong, successful marriage, deal with marital issues and empower the community to raise happy, balanced children with good Islamic ideals.

The following is a list of our products and services where you will be able to find more information and to see for yourself what makes Pure Matrimony unique :

·         Website:

·         Education and Awareness on Marital Life:

o   Webinar:

o   Blog:

·         Exclusive Marriages Tips , Support and more :

o   YouTube :

o   Facebook:

o   Twitter:

o   Google Plus :

o   Pinterest:

o LinkedIn:

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