General Information About Pure Matrimony

Pure Matrimony is for practising single Muslims who are serious about their deen and who seeking marriage partners who are like-minded. It is for those single Muslims who place Islam first, and try to live by the etiquettes prescribed according the Shariah.


How Do You Define Practising?

We define practising as someone who prays all of their salah since the Prophet SAW told us that the difference between a believer and a non-believer is the prayer. Some members will say that they try their best to pray and know it’s compulsory, but may not be at the level of praying 5 times daily. We would encourage anyone who is in this position who is considering registering to do so, since intention and action count hugely towards becoming fully practising. 


What makes your site unique?

Pure Matrimony is completely shariah compliant, offering single Muslims the ability to search for their spouse in a safe, secure and halal manner. We have a wide range of unique features that help facilitate this process, from monitoring conversations and ensuring the high levels of etiquette are maintained, to preserving the modesty of our members by keeping their personal pictures secure so members can decide who they want to share their details with.


How do you know the members on your site are practising?

In reality, only Allah SWT knows what’s in the heart. Pure Matrimony is only a matrimonial service for single Muslims, and therefore we always advise for you to do your own checks.


However, we implement a few safe-guards to help make that process easier in that we request all members to make an oath by Allah. Even non-practising Muslims generally have sufficient fear of Allah to not swear to anything they know isn't true. Furthermore, we also monitor the conversations and online behaviour of our members, and it's very difficult for a non-practising single Muslim to emulate a practising Muslim in their behaviour or language. If we find someone who falls below the standard required, our administrators then take action.


How do we ensure the safety of our members, particularly sisters?

By monitoring the conversations we can build up a picture of our users. If we come across any inappropriate behaviour (which is quite easy to spot on a site where there are predominantly practising single Muslims, non-practising Muslims tend to stand out more in their language and behaviour), we will take action to suspend the member. We also don't invite our members to take unnecessary risks. We do not advise you to meet someone alone. We advise in involving the families, and doing everything in an appropriate Islamic manner.


Sisters have the option to add their Wali into their communications and in accordance to the sunnah of the Prophet SAW who said that in order to have a valid marriage, it is essential to have your wali’s permission. Alhamdulilah, Pure Matrimony is the first ever matrimonial service to introduce this concept to help safeguard sisters.


Are we permitted to look for a co-wife?

We do permit brothers to search for a co-wife on Pure Matrimony, as long as their existing marital status is clearly mentioned in their profile. Thereafter it is up to the sisters whether they would like to consider being a co-wife or not.


However, whilst polygamy is permitted according to the shariah, Pure Matrimony makes no representation as to whether it's legally permissible in your country of residence. The responsibility of finding out the legalities of making it work within your Country remains YOUR responsibility, and Pure Matrimony cannot be held responsible for this in any way, shape or form.


Can you give us advice as to whether a person on the site is good or not?

Unfortunately this is not a service we provide at present. We cannot take the responsibility of performing your background checks for you.

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