Why am I asked to Subscribe although I have made the payment ?

If you have made a payment through any other means except PayPal then

  • Please give us 24-48 hours to manually credit your account.

This will happen after you have emailed us and informed us of the following information:

1. Full name and surname
2. Username
3. Email address
4. Amount paid
5. Currency paid in
6. Package chosen
7. Discount code used if any (optional).
8. Payment method

9. Proof of Payment

If you have made a payment through PayPal

  • Your account should be activated immediately if your payment is through PayPal , We request you to contact PayPal if you have any issues
  • Or you have probably cancelled your payment through PayPal due to which you will be asked to subscribe again.  
  • Also if your card has expired PayPal will automatically cancel your Subscription to us. You will need to pay with a new card again. 
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