So What Makes Us So Different?

Pure Matrimony is a concept that has taken its inspiration from the Quranic verse "women of purity are for men of purity and men of purity are for women of purity" (Qur'an 24:26).  The aim of Pure Matrimony is to create an online environment in which we attract those Single Muslim profiles who are trying to achieve purity in their lives and want to join in a "Pure Matrimony" with someone who has similar aspirations in life. We quite simply do this by working in conjunction with reputable Islamic Educational Institutes and Organisations to reach out to their students and members. 

1) Islamic Educational Institutes

We are the number one choice for students of Islamic Educational Institutes. Pure Matrimony is the first ever matrimonial website which has been partnered with Islamic Educational Institutes such as AlKauthar Institute, one of the largest of its kind Internationally.

2) Advanced filter for students of Islamic Institutes

We are the only website which allows you to search for students of knowledge using our advanced search.  Using our advanced search, search for students of religious institutes such as AlKauthar Institute and AlMaghrib Institute.  We also verify students of partner Institutes and these students receive a verified icon next to their profile.  So if you're looking for a match that attends similar education institutes to you then you can do so on Pure Matrimony.

3) Purify your wealth while searching for a marriage partner

Giving Charity Purifies wealth.  Unlike other websites our primary objective is not money but rather to bring the Pure together in marriage without compromising on our strict Islamic ethics.  , therefore no less than 50% of all profits generated from your membership fee are going directly into a charity. Yep that’s right no less than 50%, so you can join this website knowing that as well as acquiring a professional service to help you find a husband or wife you are also purifying your wealth by giving in charity.  What have you got to lose, give us a try?

4) Private Website

The website is completely private and by default only registered members are able to contact you within the secure framework of the website.  We do not showcase your images from your profiles on our homepage and only registered members can request to see your private picture.  The website is safe from window shoppers who have no intention of marriage and are simply snooping around.

5) Profile images are hidden

We are the first website that makes it the default for all private profile images to be hidden and you decide who gets to see your private profile images.  Unlike other websites we don’t even allow paid members to view your picture without your permission first.  Why should somebody who doesn’t match your criteria be able to view your private image without your permission?  This feature is to safeguard your modesty while allowing only genuine matches to view your profile image and is in accordance with our strict Islamic ethics. 

We neverever use your private profile pictures to advertise on the Internet, Pure Matrimony respects every member’s privacy and only allows members of the site to contact and request to view your picture. The only people that should be able to request your picture or contact you are people who are also looking to get married.

6) Help you understand the person behind the profile

Our matchmaking system works quite differently than other Marriage websites. Instead of just asking the surface level questions of; “height”, “weight” or “eye colour”, Pure Matrimony allows you to ask questions that help you better understand the person behind the profile. We go deeper by asking questions regarding what their views are on women working outside the home, what their views are on education? etc.

7) Advanced filtering only making your profile visible to your criteria

Why should somebody living in Liechtenstein be able to contact you when you are looking in your own country (unless of course if you live in Liechtenstein)? We even allow you to control which age groups and which countries can contact you. 

8) Support and discussion corner

Not to forget our Members only discussion board (gender specific).  This is an exclusive members only board where sisters can interact with each other anonymously and request help and advice from the Pure Matrimony Admin.  Pure Matrimony through these boards supported by the Scholars will interact with you and respond to your needs insha'Allah.

Finally what's next?

A sophisticated personality matching system which will revolutionise the way Muslim Matching works.  Working in conjunction with our partner organisations who have years of experience in the Marital arena we are developing a highly complex personality matching tool which will be based on percentage matching.  We promise to launch this in the near future as an addition to the website, and we are currently working extremely hard on our Personality Matching Algorithm.  Just watch this space. 

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